On a Kansas City bus, the driver was confronted by a passenger, and started to get a little bit physical, and began wrestling her. And then, a man from the back came to her rescue.

Rodney Goldman was seated in the back of the bus, when he heard the driver yelling, and quickly noticed what was happening. And he wasn’t about to let that man get away with it.

Goldman came to the front of the bus, and began whacking the assaulter with his cane until he released the bus driver, Lynn Judge, from his grasp.

When Lynn escaped from he man, she immediately called police, while Goldman continued to beat the attacker.

By the time the guy was able to escape Goldman’s beatings, police had already arrived and arrested the man. The Kansas City Transit Authority awarded Goldman with a lifetime bus pass, and two canes to replace the one he had broken during the beating.

We are thankful that Rodney Goldman was there and helped Lynn, his damsel in distress! Who knows what would have happened if he hadn’t taken action to help. SHARE this post with your friends if you think this guy is absolutely outstanding, cause we sure do!

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