When Christopher met Grover, it was an instant connection. Christopher had met him in an animal shelter in California’s San Fernando Valley, and quickly got a hold of that puppy. I guess you could say it was ‘love at first sight’.

When he was first adopted, his name was Champ, but that name just didn’t suit him. Christopher tried all sorts of names, like Mr. Parker, Biggs, even Cooper. But when Christopher’s friend mentioned the name Grover, that was it. He was then known as Grover.

Christopher, who sings in stage productions, made a video of himself singing Happy Birthday to his good friend. But Christopher surprisingly had an accompanist, and it is the most adorable thing ever.

“I started singing Happy Birthday and next thing I knew Grover was singing along. When I stopped at the end of a phrase, he stopped. When started up again, so did he. Next thing I know, I’m hitting the high note and the end and he is too. He seems to love it,” said Christopher.

His friend posted the video on Instagram, and it is getting attention from all over. It is just the cutest video ever! You don’t believe me? Click on the video below, and watch it for yourself, and don’t forget to SHARE this post afterwards!