Good Samaritans have done it again. Three strangers helped saved a woman who was trapped inside her car as it was quickly sinking.

The woman has been driving her PT Cruiser when she attempted a U-turn and lost control. “She just didn’t negotiate the turn correctly,” Sgt. Mark Leone said. From there, her car went over the embankment and into the water.


Edmund Langdo was driving the opposite direction when he actually witnessed her car go over the side and into the water. Mr. Langdo immediately pulled over, emptied his pockets, and ran in.

“I had her partially out the window when two other guys helped me pull her out,” Langdo said a few hours after the incident. “The car went under as we were pulling her out.” Langdo got to the vehicle just as it began to sink.

Langdo managed to get her part of the way out of the vehicle, but when the other two men jumped in, they were able to get her the rest of the way. “I was the first one in the water,” Langdo said. “I swam to her and tried to get her out through the window… By the time we got her out, [the car] was totally underwater.”

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