Captain Jordan Smith owns and runs Let’s Fish Destin Charters in Destin, Florida. He was out in the Destin Harbor one day when he saw something fly off the bridge next to him.

He watched the object spin as it free fell 15 feet or so to the water below. It hit the surface with a loud, wet slapping sound. Determining it to be trash bag, Jordan was prepared to not give the object another thought. Afterall, nasty people have a habit of throwing their garbage off of bridges so what would one more be?

Still, something bugged him about the object. At a second or third glance, it became increasingly clear that the object was not artificial, but moved on its own as an animal would. An otter! That’s what it must be.

Jordan could have very easily let it go at that. Yeah okay, it must be an otter; with that, he’d have driven off to continue his charter business. Something still nagged at him though and he gave it an even closer look. That’s when he saw the two large orange eyes peering back at him.

The look of absolute terror could be read clearly from those eyes. Once he had recognized them, the rest of the creature became more obvious. A tiny head bobbed up and down as the rest of the body fought desperately to keep it above the surface.

It swam straight towards him and it was then that he saw the cat. This poor black cat swam as it probably never had before, looking at Jordan with a pleading look that seemed to say “Human, save me!”

He grabbed his dip net, which is basically a glorified pool skimmer, and with one smooth motion scooped the cat up. Bringing her promptly up on the deck of the boat, he did his best to comfort her and snapped a quick selfie with her. She did not look pleased at all and yet somehow she was clearly relieved to be safe.

Jordan called the authorities. He assumed that someone had thrown her from the bridge in an attempt to just be rid of her, but the dirtbag was unaware that he was at the right place.

She had been pregnant when she was thrown over, but the impact had made her miscarry her kittens. Unfortunately, there was nothing the police could do; just not enough evidence.

On the bright side, Miracle, as she has been named, is recovering at the vet. She tends to hiss at anyone when they first approach her, but if patience is used to advance at her pace, she eventually allows some people to pet her.

Jordan plans to adopt Miracle when she is released from the vet. His greatest concern is that he has a dog and he isn’t sure how they will get along. As for the last cat he tried to introduce to him? The feline chased the dog everywhere.

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