If I were to ask you what you think a hero does, what comes to mind? You certainly wouldn’t say that a hero is selfish or thinks only of himself. The very definition of the word states that a hero is exalted for noble qualities and great acts for others.

That is exactly how the man in this story acted. His own situation warranted him a decent excuse for putting aside all distractions, but he didn’t ignore this one.

Aaron Tucker is an ex-con who was trying to make a new life for himself, his son, and his son’s mother.

So he got up early around 5 in the morning. Of course, he wanted to get to Dinosaur Bar-B-Que early to make a good impression for the job interview he was going for. He hopped on the bus from Bridgeport to Norwalk and proceeded to stare out the windows and imagine how the interview would go.

On the way there Aaron happened to look up and saw why they weren’t going very fast. The bus was making its way by an accident in the road that must have just happened. There weren’t even emergency crews on the scene yet.

A small silver sedan was partially in the road, partially on the shoulder berm, but completely upturned on its roof. Glass and fluids spread all over the blacktop.

Without a second thought for his job opportunity, he asked the bus driver to stop. The bus driver told Tucker that if he got out, he would drive away because he refused to get involved. When the bus had barely come to a stop when Aaron jumped out of it and ran straight for the smoldering wreck.

He and two Vautrin Auto Services employees pulled the injured man out of it.

The accident victim was bleeding pretty badly, so Tucker took off his own shirt and used it as a bandage for the man’s head. He wasn’t even concerned about losing the nice shirt he needed for the interview.

Fire Chief Robert Yost told Westport News, “That’s really reassuring that people are still willing to step in and help out a fellow citizen.”

Tucker said that as far as the job interview was concerned, it didn’t even go through his head during the ordeal. It was just about a life in danger and what he was able to do to help save it.

“A job can come and go, but a life is only one time,” Tucker said.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help provide for Aaron and his family while he gets a job set up. Fortunately, since his story got out he has received several job offers as well as $6,000 he plans to use to provide for his son.


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